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Putumayo campamento with Libardo June 2024

June 27, 2024
July 3, 2024
4:00 am - 6:00 pm


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Event Details

Join for an epic journey to the home of Yage to visit the elders.

Taita Libarado is hosting a campamento at his home and Maloka in Cofan indigenous reservation, and he would love to share this with you.  There will be three nights of ceremony, plus hortiga treatment, tobacco purge, and a trip to the waterfall and river.  After the campamento, you will spend one night in Puerto Asis before heading home.

This trip includes flights within Colombia, transport and most meals.  Your flights to Bogota are not included.

You will need to meet Sidney in Bogota where you will take a flight together to Puerto Asis.  The flight to Puerto Asis leaves at 10 in the morning, though this is often changed to an earlier flight.  You should arrive to Bogota on the 26th of June and spend the night in Bogota to ensure you are available for the flight on the 27th, and rested for ceremony that night. 

This is a group event organized by the Taita.  This is not a private retreat.

Here is the itinerary, please note not all activities are included, and things are subject to change.

  • Jun 27- Meet at bogota Airport for 10 am flight to Puerto Asis. Private transport to Taita Libardos.
  • Jun 27- Ceremony 1
  • Jun 28 -Rest day, activites with the Taita
  • Jun 29- Ceremony 2
  • Jun 30- Rest day, activites with the Taita
  • Jul 1- Ceremony 3
  • Jul 2- Private transport to Puerto Asis, overnight at hotel.
  • Jul 3- Flight to Bogota 11 am.
This is an adventure trip, please note that there will be some walking, and that conditions at the fincas of the elders will be rustic.  We will be cared for by the elders and their families, and guests on their land.
You will need to bring your own camping hammock for use while at the homes of the elders, this will be your bed.  Blankets can be purchased upon arrival in Puerto Asis.
You will need to bring only a large camping style backpack, this is not the trip for wheeled luggage. I will send recommendations for both hammocks and bags before the trip.
Meals are included, however, please note, we are at the home of the elders and variety may be lacking.  If you have a special diet, or are someone that needs more food than most, you may want to pack your own protein snacks like nuts, nut butters, bars.  Vegetarian/vegan/gluten free travelers should note that while we provide suggested menus and options, these types of diets are still new to this region of Colombia.  The food at the homes of the elders is prepared not by a chef, but a family member.  Please keep an open heart and mind.  Fresh vegetables are not in abundance, a typical meal might be rice, yucca, fish, a small salad.  Breakfast may be eggs and arepas with fruit.
You will need to book a plane ticket arriving to Bogota (BOG) no later than 3 am on July 26th.   Satena has changed the flight time on us numerous times, so It is highly recommended to arrive early and stay in Bogota to ensure your arrival.  Please note, there is ceremony on the 27th, you will want to be rested for this.
You will need to book a return ticket leaving from Bogota (BOG) on July 3 after 6 pm.
Your flights within Colombia are included.  Transport within Putumayo and most meals are also included.
The cost for this trip is $1250.00 per person, and includes 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies, ground transport, most meals, tours.  Accommodation in hotels is shared, single rooms may be possible upon arrival for an additional charge.
The package price does not include airfare to Colombia from the US, snacks, bottled water or drinks, any tips for tour guides or drivers or musicians.  Does not include optional trips in Puerto Asis, transport within Bogota, hotel in Bogota, Beer for Sidney, room service.


Your payment will go to the purchase of your plane tickets and for your travel.  There are no refunds, credits for a later date, name changes or other funny business. Register carefully.  Full payment is due upon registration.  There are no exceptions to this policy.

We strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance.

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