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Psychospiritual integration is the central mechanism for not only preparing for the difficult and expansive insights that accompany a deep dive into life’s lessons, but also for solidifying the far-reaching benefits of your transformational relationship with Sacred Medicine.

Integration is your “homework,” and includes not only incorporating the lessons and insights that you may have received from your journey with the medicine, but also taking care of yourself and making the necessary changes in your life that will continue your healing process.

Post Ceremony

Integration Coaches

Origen Sagrada

Chris Duvall 

Chris brings to his coaching work a unique blend of self love and discovery practices as well as his own personal experience addressing depression, inner child trauma, substance abuse, and life transitions. His goal is to help others discover and embrace their deepest truth and connect that truth to the areas of their Being calling out for more support.

Chris provides a therapeutic presence that’s informed by a myriad of experiences as an advanced-practice nurse and combat veteran, along with his own explorations into the many textures of a soulful and loving connection with Spirit. Chris will listen patiently and without judgment, and then help you explore the questions that best serve your personal evolution.


  • One (1) introductory session for clarifying intentions (30 minutes)
  • Four (4) individual coaching sessions (1 hour each)
  • Three (3) monthly community coaching calls, held on the last Saturday of each month (1 hour each)

Total Cost: $450 USD

Leyla Dim

Leyla is a therapist by trade and medicine woman in practice. As a psychedelic integration coach, she bridges the clinical and metaphysical to offer psychospiritual support on many levels. She melds together a unique approach that draws from her years as a psychotherapist and background as a shamanic practitioner, deep states work and her own spiritual explorations.

Post-integration coaching offers guided support to land back in life gently, begin to process the journey and integrate the experience into waking state reality. Leyla loves to help fellow seekers transmute an experience of expanded consciousness into a deeper and more loving connection with self, others and the Divine.

For more information or to request a brief consult regarding the coaching programs go to:

Origen Sagrada
Origen Sagrada

Arin Anthony

Arin Anthony walks his path with Mother Nature and the Elemental Forces that surround us. Growing up near the ocean, forests and lakes of Coastal Maine, Arin loves our natural world. He truly feels that healing medicine comes not only from Nature but also within ourselves as Divine and spirit-infused beings. Life is immense, dynamic, beautiful and at times static. That can be overwhelming, chaotic, perfect and sometimes underwhelming. As a Plant Medicine Integration and Life Guide, Arin can help bridge and support these seemingly separate areas into congruence.

One pillar of strength is the weaving of intuition, life experience and messages received from sacred allies into a format of sharing. In essence acting as a human tarot or guidepost which helps elicit, within the individual, the answers and directions one seeks. Aside from listening without judgment or criticism, Arin may offer guidance, if requested, as he draws upon his own vulnerabilities and experiences of working through his traumas, addictions, attachments and life changes.

* (1) One hour virtual session
* (3) One hour virtual sessions
* (5) One hour virtual sessions

Note: Support may also include the use of gentle herbs as indicated.


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When Will I Get the Address to the Retreat?
For security reasons, we will not send the address of the retreat until the night before ceremony. Retreats are located within 20 minutes or so of the city listed on the event description. There is no need for anyone to have this information before the event. Also, please be mindful to not share this information with others when you do receive the directions.

All scheduled events are posted on the website, and we are happy to answer any questions you may have about those retreats.

If you would like to be notified of future retreats please sign up for our mailing list we promise not to spam you!.

We have only limited physical space for our retreats. We cannot fit any more than we can fit. We are sorry, we would love to be able to help as many people as want to come, but it is just not possible.
There are only a handful of churches in America that have been given the official right to serve the medicine to their congregation. This includes the UDV in New Mexico, and a couple of official branches of the Santo Daime. These churches fought very hard for their rights, and we are grateful to them. There are no other legal ways to take the medicine in the US. Membership churches, Native American Churches, none of these are legal.  We make no promises of legality and you should be wary of anyone who does so. It is up to you to decide what is right for you in your situation. If you are very worried, we would recommend that you travel to Colombia, Peru, or the other countries where the medicine has been given full legal status.  At this time, there is increased attention on medicine work all over the globe, and we feel it is not currently safe to be offering medicine in places where it is not legal.
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“We are not humans seeking a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings immersed in a human experience.” – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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