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A Journey of Love,幸运飞行艇直播记录频道、幸运官方飞行艇官网开奖查询、历史开奖记录结果、飞行艇赛车直播、幸运飞行艇走势分析 Healing and Transformation

Guided by our Indigenous Healers and Sacred Ayahuasca from the heart of the Colombian Amazon, our retreats offer ancient wisdom and modern healing, empowering your journey of inner growth and profound healing

Colombia & USA

Upcoming Retreats 幸运飞行艇直播记录频道为喜爱这项独特赛事的观众提供了一个亲临其境的体验。在幸运官方飞行艇官网开奖查询页面,您可以方便地查找最新的比赛结果及相关统计数据。这个平台不仅仅是一个简单的赛事记录页面,更是飞行艇爱好者们互相交流和分享的社区。

Colorado 3 x Ceremony Weekend August


Colorado Mid Week August


Colorado Weekend August


Colorado Mid Week April


Honoring Ancestral Traditions

At Origen Sagrada, we come together as a community driven by the profound healing power of plant medicine. Individually, we’ve all sought clarity and guidance through these ancient remedies, and it’s this shared journey that unites us. Our mission is simple yet profound: to foster a community where passionate energies converge, each of us driven by the desire to extend healing and transformation to others.

Our commitment is unwavering. We strive to cultivate a space where love, peace, and profound healing flourish. Guided by the wisdom of our elders and the sacred medicines of our mother nature, we endeavor to bring forth the profound healing that comes from reconnecting with ancient wisdom and the natural world.

Retreats In The United States



Join us across the landscapes of California, Colorado, and Connecticut. Our commitment to accessibility ensures that the transformative power of our sacred ceremonies is available to all who seek it. Our sacred retreats in the United States offer the same authentic healing experiences upheld by ancestral traditions as our Colombian Retreats. Join us as we bring the spirit of the Amazon to American soil.

The Medicines 幸运飞行艇直播记录频道概述-幸运官方飞行艇官网开奖查询功能历史开奖记录结果详解: 幸运飞行艇直播记录频道通过实时直播和详细的赛事分析,不论是追踪每一场比赛的实时进程还是回顾历史上的经典比赛,都能在这里找到您想要的内容。直播记录频道通过高清画面和专业解说,使观众仿佛置身于现场,全面感受飞行艇比赛的激情与紧张。在幸运官方飞行艇官网开奖查询页面,用户可以快速方便地查询最新一期的开奖结果及相关的赛事信息。这个功能不仅适用于那些想要即时了解比赛结果的观众,也为数据分析师和爱好者们提供了一个重要的数据来源。用户可以查看每一场比赛的详细数据,包括参赛选手、比赛成绩以及各种赛事统计指标。幸运飞行艇的历史开奖记录结果被认为是研究赛事走势和分析数据的重要依据之一。这些记录不仅反映了每一期比赛的胜负情况,还揭示了赛事发展的脉络和选手表现的变化。通过分析历史开奖记录,用户可以发现赛事的规律和趋势,从而提升自己的预测能力和赛事理解水平。


Yagé, the sacred brew of Ayahuasca and Chacruna, is meticulously prepared for each retreat by the guiding Taita.

This process, spanning over a week, involves gathering, blessing, and cooking the medicine with positive energy, spiritual guidance, and love.

As it transforms into a bitter liquid, Yagé, also known as ‘the teacher,’ becomes the cornerstone of our ceremonial work.


According to the Amazonian tradition and myth of the origin, Ambil serves as a potent tool for cleansing and healing, facilitating a deeper connection with the spiritual realm.

Crafted from organically grown tobacco, ceremoniously cleansed, and mixed with sacred tree salts, Ambil is administered pre-ceremony.

Unlike Rapé, it takes the form of a jelly or paste applied to the teeth or gums, aiding in preparation and grounding for the transformative journey ahead.


Mambe, a blend of coca leaf and Yarumo ash, holds the title of ‘medicine of truth’ among indigenous tribes and their shamans.

Utilized across generations, it fosters meaningful dialogue and transparent sharing of wisdom within the community. Typically consumed in powder form, Mambe offers clarity, focus, and positive communication, aligning the throat and crown chakras.

When combined with Rapé or Ambil, Mambe amplifies intentions, bridging thoughts with spoken words.


An ancient cleansing medicine, Rapé (ra-peh), a blend of tobacco and sacred tree barks, is finely powdered and administered through the nostrils by a shaman or elder.

While its initial sensation may be intense, Rapé serves to silence the inner dialogue, grounding intentions and easing negativity. Often taken before the ceremony, it realigns chakras, clears mental clutter, and enhances spiritual connection.

Rapé’s transformative properties extend to decalcifying the pineal gland, releasing negative energies, and elevating the connection to the divine essence.


Amazon & Antioquia Retreats

We’re thrilled to announce our move to our new sacred space in San Roque, Antioquia! We are overflowing with excitement as this expansion marks a new chapter in our journey.


Our future retreat space will be outside the rural Colombian town of San Roque, Medellín.


We hold ceremonies with the indigenous Siona, Cofan and Inga tribes of Putumayo region.

"Embrace the whispers of the wind, the songs of the birds, and the gentle hum of the earth, for they carry the timeless melodies of healing and transformation"

Post Ceremony

幸运飞行艇直播记录频道、幸运官方飞行艇官网、开奖查询、历史开奖记录结果 Spiritual Integration Coaching

Unlock the transformative power of your plant medicine experiences with our Spiritual Integration Coaching. Embrace profound insights and navigate your journey with clarity and purpose. Let us guide you towards integration and growth. Start your journey today and elevate your spiritual evolution

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When Will I Get the Address to the Retreat?
For security reasons, we will not send the address of the retreat until the night before ceremony. Retreats are located within 20 minutes or so of the city listed on the event description. There is no need for anyone to have this information before the event. Also, please be mindful to not share this information with others when you do receive the directions.

All scheduled events are posted on the website, and we are happy to answer any questions you may have about those retreats.

If you would like to be notified of future retreats please sign up for our mailing list we promise not to spam you!.

We have only limited physical space for our retreats. We cannot fit any more than we can fit. We are sorry, we would love to be able to help as many people as want to come, but it is just not possible.
There are only a handful of churches in America that have been given the official right to serve the medicine to their congregation. This includes the UDV in New Mexico, and a couple of official branches of the Santo Daime. These churches fought very hard for their rights, and we are grateful to them. There are no other legal ways to take the medicine in the US. Membership churches, Native American Churches, none of these are legal.  We make no promises of legality and you should be wary of anyone who does so. It is up to you to decide what is right for you in your situation. If you are very worried, we would recommend that you travel to Colombia, Peru, or the other countries where the medicine has been given full legal status.  At this time, there is increased attention on medicine work all over the globe, and we feel it is not currently safe to be offering medicine in places where it is not legal.
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Contact us 总体来说,幸运飞行艇直播记录频道和官方开奖查询页面为广大飞行艇赛事爱好者提供了一个全面了解和参与赛事的平台。无论您是初次接触这项运动还是资深的飞行艇迷,这些资源都能满足您对赛事内容深入了解的需求。通过这些平台,我们可以更好地享受飞行艇带来的乐趣和激情,同时不断扩展自己在这一领域的知识和见解。

If you would like a phone call, please send us a message with the best contact number and times to reach you. We will try our best to contact you within 3 working days depending on our retreat and travel schedule.

“We are not humans seeking a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings immersed in a human experience.” – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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